Stacy Keibler has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child, weeks after marrying boyfriend Jared Pobre. Keibler hasn't been so prominent in the celebrity pages since she split from actor George Clooney last year, but she's back with huge news.

“More blessings!! We’re an elated family-to-be!” the couple tells People. Pobre added “I’m extremely excited about starting a family and building a future with Stacy.

The pair have been dating for seven months but were reportedly friends for around five years before things turned romantic. The media did not even know Keibler was engaged. People reported the two married in a small beach wedding in Mexico. The wedding had been planned for several months.

 “My happiness is indescribable!” Keibler told People about the wedding. “Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship. It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can’t help but believe is your soul mate.”

“We both felt strongly that our ‘love day’ should be intimately special, and that’s exactly what it was,” Keibler and Pobre said. “It was a blend of romance, tranquility, natural beauty, bonding and overwhelming love.”

Keibler previously dated George Clooney for two years, before they split last year. She began dating Pobre two months later.