Stacy Robinson died Tuesday at the age of 50. He's just one of a growing list of NFL players who died too young. 

The wide receiver, who played for the New York Giants' first two Super Bowl champion teams, died Tuesday after being diagnosed in 2009 with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, Bloomberg reported. He had been in hospice care since May 3, according to his family.

Although the treatments have kept him with us until now, they are no longer working. God has a different set of plans for Stacy and on May 3, he entered hospice care, his family wrote last week on a website dedicated to him.

He was a good man who was loved and respected by his teammates and everyone in this organization, Giants co-owner John Mara said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. His work on behalf of the Players Association was of great benefit to many players. He will be missed.

Stacy Robinson is just the latest in a long line of NFL players to die way too young. Here's a list of several other football stars who had a lot of life left to live:

1. Junior Seau: A star linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, Junior Seau killed himself exactly a week ago on May 2 at the age of 43 in an incident that shocked the sporting world. He was beloved throughout his career, during which he was known for being a top-notch tackler. His mother Luisa Seau told ESPN last week that there was no indication that he was planning to commit suicide via gunshot: I don't understand ... I'm shocked, she said. 

2. Pat Tillman: Arizona Cardinals star safety Patrick Tillman was on his way to an amazing career in the NFL when he decided to join the U.S. Army in a selfless decision to serve his country rather than pursue money and fame as a football career. So in 2002 he went to the Army, where he ended up serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, becoming a real-life hero in the process. But the dream of returning to continue his sports career was cut tragically short in 2004 when he was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan at the age of 27. His remains one of the saddest, and most honorable, young NFL deaths.

3. Jeff Alm: A defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Alm is yet another sad case, as he made the decision to take his own life while in the very beginning of a promising football career. On Dec. 14, 1993, when Alm was just 25, he and a friend were driving in the Houston area when Alm -- who was intoxicated on drugs and alcohol at the time -- crashed his car. When he got out of the vehicle to assess the damage, he saw that one of his best friends had been killed, and took out his shotgun. After firing two shots into the air, Alm turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head, killing himself in a moment of deranged grief.

4. Al Blozis: Another New York Giant, Blozis was a hero in his own era, he entered the military in 1943, and was only able to play a couple more games while on furlough before tragically losing his life in World War II fighting in France. A precursor to Pat Tilman, the talented offensive tackle and Georgetown University alum was scouting enemy lines when he was killed at only 26 years old. He was first listed as missing, but his death was eventually confirmed by the Army.

5. Marquis Cooper: The death of Marquis Cooper is one of the most chilling NFL deaths in recent history, as the circumstances are so out of the ordinary. The linebacker was out on a boat with three other men off Clearwater, Fla., on March 1, 2009, when the boat capsized. The 26-year-old's body was never found, and he remains presumed dead. Cooper, who played for a number of NFL teams in his tragically abridged career, started out on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004, but played his last games with the Oakland Raiders.