“Star Wars Battlefront” Death Star DLC ship, costume and hero details have arrived thanks to the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, as transcribed by sources on Reddit.

Because the Death Star DLC takes players into space, ships are a huge part of the experience. Specifically, both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will be part of the battle in their iconic spacecrafts. Now, we know precisely how Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 and Skywalker’s Red Five will contribute to the mayhem.

“If you're flying your own TIE fighter within the vicinity of the Dark Lord your damage capability increases,” said DICE designer Dennis Brännvall. He added that “Luke's ship is pretty similar to a normal X-wing, except R2-D2 is on board - he gives Luke the ability to repair the starfighter whenever it takes damage.” This advantage makes it more powerful than a stock ship.

The expansion also introduces two new heroes: the lovable Chewbacca and villain bounty hunter, Bossk. Everyone’s favorite Wookiee is outfitted with a trumped-up bowcaster that increases its amount of ammo per kill to the point of double firepower. He can also smash opponents at close range and disorient them with a special roar maneuver. As a bounty hunter, Bossk regenerates health with each kill and has an infrared sight on his blaster. There’s also a special ability where he throws a grenade and jumps outside its blast radius for safety.

Existing heroes will be given new costumes too, and Brännvall was kind enough to shed some light on the subject. “The ones that we're releasing with the Death Star update are Leia's dress and famous hairstyle from ‘A New Hope’ and Luke and Han in stormtrooper armor. Luke will still have his lightsaber,” he confirmed.

In contrast to the secrecy of “Star Wars Battlefront’s” previous Bespin expansion, it seems like EA has been a bit more forthright about the Death Star content. That being said, we still don’t know some of its most crucial details. There’s no indication from EA or DICE as to when the finished product will be released. An in-depth live stream for the content is also anticipated but has yet to be discussed.

“Star Wars Battlefront” is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of these new DLC details? Are you excited to try out the Death Star content, or has this game passed its prime? Tell us in the comments section!