The anticipation for the major sneak peek offered for “Star Wars Battlefront” at the E3 2015 is undeniable. But fans who are looking forward to more can expect updates from the developer in the next few weeks leading to the event.

Some features have been recently been confirmed for the title, one of which is the presence of ewoks in the Endor map. The announcement was made by “Star Wars Battlefront” community manager Matthew Everett at Reddit. Spotted by DualShockers, the developer said that there will be a “100 percent” presence of the cuddly creatures. However, there is no word on whether they will be playable or merely NPC.

Everett also said there will be new modes and maps up for unveiling in the coming weeks. This follows the recent update to the Fighter Squadron mode, via the official “Star Wars Battlefront” website.

According to design director Niklas Fegraeus, this mode allows players to engage in Starfighter battles in canyons that can accommodate large-scale battles. The maps and modes are meant to bring specific experiences to players, hence the variety that is offered with them. Fegraeus and the team are admitted "Star Wars" lovers, which is why the philosophy of the team in creating the game is to make sure that it is an authentic rendering of the universe while also being a breakthrough as a video game.

The lack of space battles was also addressed by the developer, DICE. GamesRadar reports that DICE’s intention was to the focus first on-ground action. Quoting a print statement from DICE’s Patrick Bach, the source says the main goal was for players to enjoy the fight with the infantry, which is the main Battlefront experience. But this Bach also added as a teaser that this was an initial move, and that more may come.

“We have to start somewhere. We want to build something that’s great for what it is, and have a holistic view on what we’re trying to achieve, rather than tossing everything in there from the start,” Bach said, according to GamesRadar.

Judging from the statement, there is still the possibility of space battles being added as a DLC feature. Or for those who are hopeful that this iteration of “Star Wars Battlefront” will not be the last, this statement may pertain to a sequel containing space battles.

“Star Wars Battlefront” is set to launch Nov. 17 and is expected to land on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. But it will also have a presence at E3 2015 In June, showing off new gameplay footage and information on the game.

"Star Wars Battlefront" trailer (Credit: YouTube/EAStarWars)