I've noticed the past 2-3 weeks that the good ole days are back as mere mentions on TV shows on CNBC evenings now are moving stocks in after hours sharply. Ah yes... investing as it should be. Starent Networks (STAR) which we just added Friday morning was one of the chosen and made an appearance on Mad Money... of course Friday is the worst day to mentioned because that gives you the entire weekend to think about it, so you can't make fast money by flipping stock to over eager retail investors who run in like lemmings as the Pied Piper leads you in. Of course, I say that in a completely long term investment sort of way.

Here is the video, you can skip to the 2:30 minute mark as the first 150 seconds are all about patting oneself on the back for talking up small cap tech stocks that Cramer was able to move like it's 2007 all over again. Boo and Yah.

[Apr 29, 2009: Starent Networks (STAR) 3G Player with 4G Potential]

Long Starent Networks in fund; no personal position.