Starpharma Holdings Limited is a world leader in the development of dendrimer technology for pharmaceutical, life science, and other applications. Products based on SPL dendrimer technology are already on the market in the form of diagnostic elements and laboratory reagents through license arrangements with partners including Siemens and Merck KgA. Starpharma Holdings has two operating companies, Starpharma Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia and DNT, Inc. in the United States.

In the pharmaceutical field, Starpharma is developing VivaGel® (SPL7013Gel) as a vaginal microbicide. Its design is to prevent the transmission of STIs, including HIV and genital herpes. Starpharma already has a significant licensing deal with SSL (owners of Durex® brand) for use of VivaGel® as a condom coating. Starpharma also has NIH funded development programs for VivaGel® for the prevention of viral sexually transmitted infections.

In addition, they have programs focused on drug delivery partnered with Elanco (Eli Lilly) and Stiefel (GSK), and a program for modifying pesticides with a multi-billion dollar U.S. agrochemical company. In May 2009, Starpharma and Elanco (Eli Lilly and Company’s animal health division) signed an agreement to work together to develop new animal health products with enhanced properties.

The Company has specific programs in the areas of Drug Delivery and Drug Optimization technologies (using dendrimers to control where and when drugs go when introduced to the body) and Diagnostics. In addition, the Company is exploring dendrimer opportunities in materials science applications including water remediation.

Starpharma is assessing in-house leads in fields such as cancer, ophthalmology, arthritis, and targeted diagnostics. Their DNT, Inc. subsidiary provides additional avenues of commercialization in drug delivery, transfection reagents, and contrast agents for medical imaging such as MRI. DNT is exploiting opportunities for industrial applications of dendrimers as specialty chemicals. Dendrimers may have applications in the electronics, oil, and plastics industries.

Yesterday, Starpharma Holdings Limited announced the signing of a new agreement with Eli Lilly and Company. With this agreement Starpharma’s dendrimer drug delivery technology will undergo application to enhance compounds in Lilly’s human pharmaceutical portfolio. Eli Lilly and Company will fund a collaborative research and development program. The aim is to create improved drugs incorporating Starpharma’s proprietary delivery technology, to undergo commercialization by Eli Lilly and Company.