src= at The Energy Report just interviewed John Williams of Aug 05, 2010. I have followed John for over five years. He has a special ability to strip away the publicly provided numbers we always scratch our heads our heads on and say Wait a minute - that CAN'T be right! and give us the facts - especially about inflation. His website is and is a paid for service where he has a monthly newsletter and consults for Fortune 500 firms about REAL statistics. He has been a big advocate of purchasing gold for many years. Safe haven gold and numismatic silver are big in his book as a hedge on what he expects us to face as Americans.  John believes we are facing right now an economic debacle called a hyper-inflationary great depression. It's time to get used to this language. I would agree we are facing it. Read the whole article here. Arm yourself with a stash of small gold coins from us at Lear Capital !