Designer Terry Dresbach has finished making 900 costumes for extras in Season 2 of the Starz TV series “Outlander.” Because the story is moving to France, the new costumes will be different from those seen in Season 1.

Speaking to Variety about the costume-making process, Dresbach -- wife of "Outlander" executive producer Ron Moore -- said that this year was “crazier than last year.” The team apparently had to “start from scratch” and the elaborate French costumes reportedly took twice as long to make as the Scottish costumes used last year.

Dresbach explained that clothes worn in 18th century France were far different from what people in Scotland wore at the time. She pointed out that much research has been done about Paris fashions during that period, so viewers would be able to point out any mistakes made by the "Outlander" team.

The designers wanted the Season 2 costumes to be just as authentic as those used in Season 1. Dresbach said there wasn’t any “wiggle room” for the designers, because minute details regarding “what the button was made out of on the left cuff versus the right cuff” were available for fans to research and check.

Dresbach said cultural differences between France and Scotland also existed during the 18th century.

Previously, Moore told Zap2it that costumes for the main female characters, designed by Dresbach, were “really astonishing,” and were “brighter” and “more colorful.” Moore added that the ladies will get to wear more silk, with “elaborate embroideries” and they will also get to wear hats.

“Paris was bling,” Moore said. He added that “Outlander” Season 2 will feature a lot of gold color in the sets, with “finery and gilt and candelabras” in the background. Filming for Season 2 is currently underway in Scotland and the premiere episode is expected to air by early 2016.

“Outlander” Season 2 is based on the novel “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon.