U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned in his State of the Union 2011 speech which lasted 62 minutes, that the future is still available for the United States and asked Congress for more investments in the sectors of education and high-speed rail and access to the Internet, and also warned of the dangers of buried all challenges under a mountain of debt.

Obama called for lawmakers to make government more responsive and efficient and proposed freeze on spending on luxuries and non-defense, which may provide $ 400 billion from the budget over the next decade, also supported the additional cuts of $ 78 billion in the defense budget.

In addition to reduce the expenditure side, Obama called to transfer this money-saving to spending on education and encouraging innovation and building roads, railways and telecommunication networks and wireless. U.S. President also stressed the need to provide the necessary measures to accelerate the movement of the economy, and said that Democrats and Republicans have to move quickly to share responsibility in governance, by taking steps to reduce the budget deficit, which hit a record last year at 1.3 trillion dollars