President Barack Obama made his fourth State of the Union speech Tuesday night, but honestly, only political junkies will be at the edge of their seats.

The truth is that Obama's words are only part of the story. Most people tune in to post-speech analyses by pundits and reactions from politicians to help them make sense of the annual address to our nation during this election year.

During a 24-hour news cycle, why wait? We'll be watching Twitter for the best real-time commentary and publishing those comments here as Obama makes his speech in the Capitol -- as well as Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' GOP rebuttal immediately afterwards.

Obama and the White House also incorporated social media into the event, inviting people to ask questions with the hashtag #WHTweetup and #SOTUS.

You can read the most interesting tidbits from Washington journalists (and lawmakers, if they dare tweet on the floor) in the Storify below.

To find out where to watch the State of the Union, click here. Keep refreshing for updates.