Unnamed New York police sources say the department has found little to back up family claims that Staten Island teen Amanda Cummings committed suicide due to bullying, reports The New York Post. There has been no official announcement, however.

After the 15-year-old died from injuries sustained after she intentionally stepped in front of a bus, family members said Cummings faced harassment from bullies at school. However, unnamed sources close to the investigation told The Post that no one had any previous signs of her being bullied.

Instead, investigators have found that the teen suffered from depression and took breakups very badly, previously resorting to smoking, alcohol and cutting herself to come to terms with her emotions.

Cummings was found with a note to 19-year-old Devon Rodriguez, who had recently broken up with her, which apologized to him for ruining another relationship and telling him that she doesn't deserve to live.

That said, vicious cyberbullying flooded her memorial Facebook page -- created after her tragic death.