Jason Statham and Vinni Jones, the action men of Hollywood, have opened a fish and chips shop in Los Angeles as they missed the ubiquitous British fast-food in the land of chicken and burgers.

The Brit duo will call their Los Angeles eatery, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Haddocks - not Barrels like their hit 1998 Guy Ritchie directed movie.
The two friends felt that there were not enough fish and chips shops in the LA area for the growing population of British expats.

A friend of ex-Wimbledon midfielder Vinnie, 46, said: He may live in Hollywood but he's as British as - well, fish and chips.
The pal said Vinnie and former diver Jason, 43, spotted a real need for somewhere that does proper fish suppers, reports The Sun.

Vinnie Jones, a former footballer, went on to appear in such movies as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds, and X Men; the last stand.

Part of both Lock Stock and Snatch, Statham became famous for his Transporter series. His other movies include, The Italian Job, the Death Race and Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. His latest movie is Killer Kites which also has Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson. He is dating The Transformer 3 star Rosie Huntington -Whiteley.