Stem Cell Therapy International, Inc. - soon to be known as AmStem International after merging with Histostem Ltd, of South Korea – was proud to announce this morning that the company is now ready to replicate, on an international scale, the successful Stem Cell Leadership Program developed by Dr. Hoon Han in South Korea. Stem Cell Therapy and Histostem Ltd. management will work together to establish a dynamic system of stem cell collection, storage, research and therapeutic services, based on the proven success of Histostem, Ltd. in Asia.

“We will be creating a mentoring system from AmStem’s proprietary technologies (as acquired from Histostem Ltd’s state-of-the-art facilities and accomplished clinical successes) to launch a program of leadership and replication that will exponentially increase our revenue-producing and product development operations,” stated David Stark, President of AmStem International. “We already have our first amazing new product ready to roll out, which will be announced in the next few days,” he added, “And I have personally been negotiating with government officials and leading clinics in other countries; making excellent progress toward our mutual goals.”

“Our proven combination of cord blood collection and storage, ethically-based clinical trials, and therapeutic applications of promising technologies will be a boon to the economy of any country, and will allow us to make new scientific discoveries in collaboration with international stem cell leaders,” Stark added. “Basically, we will be replicating the incredible success that Histostem has had in South Korea; greatly expanding our revenue-producing and product development operations in a dynamic, modern, international setting.”

Histostem Ltd. operates the largest accredited cord blood and stem cell bank in the world, and is already successfully treating hundreds of patients with patented, Korean FDA-approved stem cell therapies developed from its own sources. Histostem is one of the few stem cell companies in the world that is generating a profit from its stem cell operations.

“To my knowledge, no other company in the world has the type of approval from its home country’s regulatory agencies that Histostem Ltd. has from the Korean FDA,” commented Mr. Stark. “This in effect gives us carte blanche to study the treatment of virtually any appropriate medical condition with stem cells as an approved ’surgical technique. We can use this precedent to seek similar approvals in other countries that want to come to the forefront of the international stem cell stage.”