Comedian Stephen Colbert's Super PAC has released a video that mockingly endorses Texas Governor Rick Perry, or Rick "Parry," as the videos state.

Colbert's Super PAC (its official name is Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow) is actually approved by the Federal Election Commission. The video was one of the two first ads it has paid for and released.

The videos attack the "Jobs for Iowa Super PAC" for using cheap "cornography" to entice people to vote for Rick Perry at the Ames Straw Poll.

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, contrastingly, will offer better corn and urged people to write in "Parry with an 'A' for America, with an 'A' for Iowa."

"We want you to vote for Rick Perry, too. But not their Rick Perry, our Rick Parry," (with an 'A') read one video.

Comedian Stephen Colbert hit it big with his mocking speech of George W. Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association. Since then, he regularly targets prominent conservative politicians by mockingly supporting them.