Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned, celebrated cosmo-physicist who has accomplished the task of cracking the mystery of the Universe, is still battling to solve one more mystery - women.

In a recent interview with New Scientist, Hawking shared that women have always left him befuddled. "They are a complete mystery to me," the scientist said, when asked what he thinks most about during the day. It appears that, just like it is to any ordinary man, to this world's most brainy scientist too, woman is like a riddle. Hawking, who celebrated his 70th birthday, has three children from two marriages.

Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, which attacks muscles controlling neurons or cells, when he was 21 at Cambridge University. He was not expected to live up to 30 years old, but he overcome the trials, and has been building up academical achievements ever since.

Hawking has his fair share of critics. Cosmologists said that his biggest blunder "was thinking that information was destroyed in black holes." And he also provoked controversy by denying life after death. He said the concept of heaven of afterlife is a mere "fairy story" for people who are afraid of death, in an interview with Guardian.