Do you want your lawn to be the envy of your block? Beautiful green lawn Grass does not have to be time consuming or difficult. With just a few tricks and a little timing you can have the most beautiful lawn on the block.

1.    To mow or not to mow

When it comes to mowing timing is every thing. For cooler climate grass you want to use a one and half inch cutting height the first time you mow. This allows ample amount of sunlight to come to the crowns and also removes the grass's dead portions. After that first mowing raise the cutting height to 2 in or more. For that last cutting before putting the mower away you will want to go back to the 1 ½ in setting.

Warmer climate grass wants a little less. Start with a 1 in cutting height then increase to 2 ½.

2.    Dull blade dull grass

Always use a sharp blade when you cut. A dull blade will tear your grass instead of cut it. Grass that has been damaged turns yellow and we are looking for green.

3.    Water water everywhere

The trick here is deep watering early in the morning a few times per week.
A good soaking will help your grass to grow deep roots. Deep roots can tap into the underground water supply. When you only engage in light sprinkling you grass will develop shallow roots needing more water more often. If your lawn starts to show the dull green bottoms of the blades or starts to lose its bounce it is asking for water. You will want to water it until it is damp 4 or 5 inches down.

Water it next when the top 2 inches are dry. You can use a cake pan to see how long to leave the sprinkler on. Put the pan in the yard and time how long it takes to fill with 1 inch of water. If it takes 10 minutes you will want to leave the sprinkler on for about an hour. Make sure to water only in the early morning. If your lawn stays too wet over night it could get mold.

4.    A little off the top please

Only mow the top 1/3 of the grass. This top portion is leaf and will decompose quickly. This decomposing leaf is good for the grass so leave it where it falls. It will provide needed nitrogen.  If you mow more then 1/3 you are getting into the grass' stem. This can shock it and the stem will burn in the sun. If you want your grass to be 2 inches (warm climate) cut it when it is 3 inches.

5.    Every breath we take

Aerate your lawn. You need oxygen and so do the roots of your grass.
Aerating  improves air to soil interaction, allows water and fertilizers to get deeper into the soil, it reduces soil compaction and it lets the roots have more room to grow.

If you follow these simple steps you too can have a beautiful lawn and be the envy of your block.

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