Remember when “Couples Therapy” star Farrah Abraham claimed she was drugged and raped while doing promotional events for her Vivid-produced porn/sex tape “Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom”?

Well, co-chairman Steve Hirsch is outraged about the claim and is willing to pay the former “Teen Mom” a million dollars if she passes a lie detector test. But if the 22-year-old fails the test, she has to give back all the money she’s made from the film and forego all her royalties.

When caught up with the 52-year-old founder outside the company's office on Friday, he said he thought it was “foolish” for the reality/porn star to slam the adult industry.

“I was around Farrah when she was doing all of her promotion for the first movie and I can tell you she was having a great time,” Hirsch said about the promotional events for “Backdoor Teen Mom.”

“She seemed to enjoy being around people from the adult industry and to now come out and say something different to me just doesn’t make any sense,” he said. In an interview with In Touch, Abraham said she got involved with the “wrong people” when she entered the porn industry, and that is what ultimately led to her repeated rapes, she claimed.

“Couple Therapy’s” onsite psychologist Dr. Jenn Berman sided with Abraham to the shock of many, including Hirsch. “I was surprised because Dr. Jenn is a very well respected psychologist and she really knows what she’s doing,” Hirsch said. “I would think that she wouldn’t allow herself to be taken in by what Farrah has to say.”

Hirsch isn’t sure why the respected psychologist would take the reality star’s side, but he’s willing to make Abraham an offer she'll probably refuse: “I would be willing to offer [Abraham] a million dollars, a million dollars, to take a polygraph test and if she can prove that she was drugged and rapped multiple times for the backdoor teen mom promo then I would give her a million dollars.”

Hirsch added that both he and Abraham would agree on who would perform the polygraph test and that he would give her 48 hours to accept his offer. Check out the video below:

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