DiD Corporation, the producer of the action figure of Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs, has finally issued a statement in the defence of the Jobs figures going on sale next month.

The Hong Kong-based company, which is producing the 30.4 centimeter tall dolls, in its recent statement has said that it is producing the realistic depiction of the Apple co-founder for his fans.

We are making the figures for Apple fans who really admire Steve Jobs and feel pity over his death, a company official was quoted as saying by AFP.

We didn't put anything related to the Apple brand or Apple products, nor did we smear the image of Jobs, said the DiD Corp official.

DiD Corp is famous for the action figures of renowned people like U.S. President Barak Obama. During 2008 presidential elections, DiD brought out Obama's action figures to support his presidential campaign.

The Steve Jobs action figure is expected to be shipped between Jan. 27 and Feb. 9, according to eBay. But, the distributor of the figures, inicons, is showing the start of shipping in late February.

There is a difference in the rates also on the two sites. eBay is selling the package - which includes a realistic head sculpt and two pairs of glasses, one highly articulated body and three pairs of hands, one black turtleneck and one pair of blue jeans, one black leather belt and one chair (wood + metal), one pair of black socks and sneaker, two apples (One with a bite), and one piece of ONE MORE THING hard backdrop - for $135 with extra $28 shipping charge.

Inicons is selling the same package for $110 in the United States, for $120 in Europe and Asia, and for $130 in other countries.

Though Apple's legal team is working hard to stop the sale of the action figure, the dolls are still up for sale on different online shopping Web sites. And if you want to own an action figure of iconic Jobs, you can go to these sites to order one.