A Taiwanese animation company has made a hilarious video of an animated version of the Steve Jobs Biography, boiling down the 656 page book by Walter Isaacson into a 90 second bit.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation TV, one of the largest 3D animation studios in Asia, made an animation entitled Steve Jobs' iBiography flies off the shelves for YouTube users' enjoyment.

The video begins with Steve Jobs and Walter Issacson sitting a table, pushing the book back to its author. The narrator informs us that Jobs never read a draft of the book, but did order a specific cover design, which was granted.

In it, we find out Jobs regretted not getting surgery sooner, the narrator said. He told Obama he was a one-term president. And he said Bill Gates 'would be a broader guy' if he dropped acid, with an epic scene of Gates and Jobs tripping on LSD.

The video then goes on to depict a thermonuclear war between an army of Androids and Jobs riding a missile, which blows up the Droid army. In addition, Jobs is portrayed as Darth Vader and Apple CEO Tim Cook as Luke Skywalker.

Afraid that Apple will flounder like Disney after Walt passed on, Jobs told his successor Tim Cook never to ask: 'What would Steve do?' Instead, Cook should do what's right, the narrator said.

The biography, which was released on Monday, gave a ton of insight into the genius behind Apple and its many product lines. The tell-all also brings to light never-before-heard details about the complicated man who revolutionized the technological world.

While this 90-second animation is one adaption of the book, Sony Pictures Entertainment is in the planning stages and making deals to acquire the rights to make a Steve Jobs movie about the Apple co-founder. 

The video speaks for itself. View the Steve Jobs biography animation video below.