Even if some Phoenix fans are fuming over the deal that sent Suns star Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers, the rest of basketball fandom is transfixed. Combining Nash with Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and some guy named Kobe Bryant will make for great storylines and probably some irresistible playoff matchup. It will be great basketball, even if SportsCenter kills us all with their Laker coverage this season.

The Lakers' Twitter feed released the first pictures of Nash in purple and gold Wednesday. It's a bit surreal, but aside from Los Angeles fans, the happiest people might be the Lakers themselves in knowing they don't have to chase the Canadian around on the court anymore. The top picture appears to be from a promotional photo shoot, while the second is a shot of the point guard standing on Nash Street in the El Segundo section of L.A.

Fan reaction is almost all positive, with @JeffOree tweeting @Lakers when does the @stevenash #10 jersey go on sale? and @JDesignLV chiming in with, @Lakers@stevenash I am a BIG Laker fan & have always been a huge Steve Nash Fan! This is a Perfect Fit! #Lakers.