Did Steve Nash just play his last game with the Phoenix Suns? The elite point guard is getting up there in age at 38 years old and entering free agency this offseason. Could the New York Knicks be in the mix for Nash?

The point guard out of Canada said he has yet to consider his options for next year.

I have to sit down and really put pen to paper and first evaluate situations and then evaluate or prepare for eventualities, Nash told the Arizona Republic. What could possibly happen in the free-agent period, the domino effect, the likelihood of so many players. It is a little tricky. I think you can prepare the best you can and catalog possibilities so you're prepared for things that can happen.

The Knicks, who are headed to their second consecutive postseason, should be an attractive destination for Nash, whose Phoenix Suns are missing out on the playoffs for the second straight year. But it takes two to tango and the Knicks may feel that Jeremy Lin is the answer at point guard despite fizzling out, or they may go with a younger point guard considering Nash will be 39 around the time the next NBA season starts.

Here are three reasons why Nash makes sense for the Knicks:

1.       Nash lives in Manhattan

Nash lives in Manhattan, so he's familiar with the city and the unrelenting media. He also has the personality to handle such scrutiny should the Knicks falter for a brief period.

To play in New York, you have to be able to handle the pressure, and Nash fits that mold.

2.       Jeremy Lin

Lin came out of obscurity and led the Knicks to eight straight wins when he was injected into the starting lineup. But Lin's star isn't shining so bright anymore and a recent injury will prevent him from playing with the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs.

Baron Davis has been formidable for the Knicks replacing Lin in the starting lineup, but he's playing on a one-year contract and injury woes may make New York hesitant to re-sign him.

That would leave Nash as one of the top options for the Knicks.

3.       Amar'e Stoudemire

Nash and Stoudemire were an unstoppable duo in Phoenix and one of the best point guard-center tandems in the NBA. The chance at a reunion in New York would be a sight to see.

Will Nash sign with the Knicks? It remains to be seen, but the possibility is there and it's one of Nash's most realistic scenarios outside of retirement.

There's also the chance Nash re-signs with the Suns, who should also be in the mix for the point guard's services.

I'll start to kind of put together a picture of what opportunities will be out there and what situations would fit me well and what situations I would add a lot to, Nash said. Phoenix would be one of those for sure. I think I'll take the opportunity to evaluate whatever opportunities are out there and take my time.