Los Angeles Lakers fans already love the newest addition to the team, Steve Nash.

On Friday, July 13, Nash posted a video to his Twitter of an SUV packed with very enthusiastic Lakers fans. The video, filmed by Nash himself, shows the car full of fans yelling Steve Nash as they pull up alongside the basketball player while on the freeway. Besides welcoming the player with their kind cheers, the occupants attempt to pass a Keystone Light beer out their window into Nash's waiting hand. The passengers even yell for their driver to get closer to Nash so that the exchange of beer can be made.

Eventually Nash manages to get his hands on the Keystone Light (to the sound of cheers), and turns the camera on himself, stating, The fans have been pretty good so far.

The video has many thinking that it was just a viral publicity stunt for Keystone Light, a delicious yet very cheap beer with a great college-age following.

However, Keystone Light reps have stepped up to debunk the stunt rumors.

While we can take credit for the 'Always Smooth' taste of Keystone Light, we had nothing to do with this video, a company spokesman revealed to TMZ.

Steve Nash has a 16-year career in the NBA, reports ESPN. His deal with the Lakers became official last Wednesday. The basketball player has a three-year deal with the team, which is approximately worth $27 million. CBS reports that Nash's decision to sign with the Lakers stemmed from his want to be near his three children who live in Phoenix, as well as the desire to play for a winning team.

According to ESPN, Nash is the eighth-most accurate 3-point shooter of all time (.428).

Steve Nash will wear the No. 10 jersey for the Los Angeles Lakers.