Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the technology giant that is now Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shared his thoughts on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West” about “Jobs,” the film centered on the late Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of the company. Ashton Kutcher (“Dude, Where’s My Car”) portrays the tech visionary in the movie that made its debut in U.S. theaters Friday.

Wozniak, aka Woz, criticized the filmmakers for not grasping the nature of Jobs’ interactions with other people. Wozniak said, “Ashton has too much of this fan thing like a cult leader.” He added that this perception of Jobs blurs his real image, “He had a lot of flaws in knowing how to run things and execute and make products during his time there.”

One of the more glaring flaws Wozniak noted was a lack of explanation about why Jobs left Apple in the mid-1980s and how many of the things he attempted to launch were unsuccessful, such as the Apple III and Apple Lisa. “Steve was trying to kill the Apple II in some ways and try to do some really unrealistic things to it. That’s not known,” Wozniak said.

While Wozniak agreed Jobs was indeed a visionary, he pointed out: “He was not that good at executing, in other words, coming up with a vision that was makeable into profits today, a product that people wanted enough, that a company could make a profit on. He wasn’t until he returned [to Apple in 1997].”

Wozniak also shared his thoughts on the new film in a Gizmodo comment thread, which he concluded by saying: “I’m grateful to Steve for his excellence in the i-era, and his contribution to my own life of enjoying great products, but this movie portrays him having had those skills in earlier times.”

Wozniak is reportedly working with writer and producer Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”) as a consultant for a movie based on the Walter Isaacson biography of his former partner, “Steve Jobs.”

Watch the whole interview in the video here.