It's very disappointing to see Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers get suspended for 50 games because he failed the league's mandatory drug testing requirement.  Not only does this hurt the game of baseball but more importantly, it sends the wrong message to kids who look up to Manny as a hero.  Our children today are bombarded with bad examples of cheating not only in sports but in school and life in general.  The statistics of cheating on tests is staggering.  It's no wonder why our society suffers from bad ethics.  I sit on the Board of Directors for the I Won't Cheat Foundation whose mission is to inject ethics into America's future.  We have a character education curriculum that goes out to schools across the country and it is amazing to see the difference it makes.  Please check out the website at and if you care about the future of our nation's ethics, please sign up to volunteer.  This really is an amazing charity.  All the kids get free tickets to MLB Games, NFL games, and NBA games in their area while also having the opportunity to earn scholarship money for their classroom, their school, and their college tuition.  If you're interested in organizing a $3,000 scholarship in your school district please make note of it when you sign up as a volunteer.  It's time to clean up this cheating mess. 

There is a dark cloud cloud over Dodger Stadium today.  He's on every billboard in L.A. and it shows that MLB still has a huge problem with steroids.  Ironically there is an article about I Won't Cheat today in Manny's home paper.  Make sure you read this one.

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