The markets are still calm, low volume dominated yesterdays trading, with the US dollar holding tight on its earnings that it began getting from Thursday last week, as it was back up by the housing data released yesterday, coming better than the previous and expectations, giving some positive signs from the US economy, yet we can't say that this data shows a potential healing in their economy.

With the low volume in the markets, the shiny metal kept trading between $917.49 and $912.74, closing at $917.30 per ounce, not supported with any news. So the strengthen US dollar is preventing the bullion from picking up some pace once again, as they share a inversely proportional relationship, to reach the levels its recorded in the past week, were today the gold ingots opened at $917.40 per ounce.

But with today's fundamental, the one and only Consumer confidence for the month of March, with the expectations that it will fall down to 73.5 a five year low; if and only if the data came out as expectations or weaker, it will be the chance for the bullion to pick up some momentum to surge higher to the levels recorded earlier. But the data came better than expectations I believe that the bullion will hold on the levels it trading on with a chance to plunge downward.

While for the black, which shares a proportional relationship with the shiny metal, dropping under $100 per barrel, as fears still persists from the recession doom, plunging the demand for crude, from the largest consumer of oil in the world; as the oil headed to the down side taking with it the shiny metal; decreasing the appeal on it as a head for inflation.