Medizone International, Inc. is a research and development company focused on developing AsepticSure™ technology to decontaminate and sterilize hospital surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, schools and other critical infrastructure. Current trials are being expanded to include a hospital mock-up to be followed by hospital beta testing of the production prototype.

The company has moved toward product development with lower development costs, aiming to achieve revenue production in the shortest amount of time. This development pathway is based, in part, on a review of published data on hospital-derived infections, an area of rapidly growing concern in the medical community and subject to increasing governmental oversight and regulation on both a state and federal level.

Medizone’s extensive experience with ozone technologies and its bio-oxidative qualities has contributed greatly in pursuing its initiative. The company is discovering that its unique ozone generating technologies, when combined with other new emerging technologies, will play a vital role in addressing what public health officials and surgeons world-wide are beginning to recognize as “The Silent Epidemic”: CA-MRSA and HA-MRSA.

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