Absolute Life Solutions is a financial services company which leverages the vast experience of its personnel in mapping mortality patterns, a robust modeling platform and the resulting high fidelity data-driven portfolio management capabilities to provide seniors with a stable form of liquidity during their latter years, while simultaneously achieving maximum ROI efficiency for shareholders.

By employing such rigorous analytical methodologies to a continuous investigation of the life insurance policy architecture, ALSO is able to minimize risk while identifying and quantifying cash flow opportunities. Life settlements are an excellent performer even in rough markets due to functioning as an absolute return-oriented investment and are essentially decoupled from much of the turbulence other asset classes are subject to.

In 2009 alone $416B in life insurance policies were owned by people in the US over 65. This market is expanding rapidly and is projected to grow 92.3% by 2030, creating an astonishingly massive $161B life settlement-eligible pool of seniors who, as a culture, are growing increasingly aware of the benefits of a life settlement option.

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