Affinity Mediaworks is a determined New York-based media content developer currently focused on fleshing out a diverse portfolio of TV series and distinct film offerings via finance, sales and distribution. With its sights set on becoming an industry leader in entertainment media and leisure, Affinity is taking on broader development, marketing and acquisition activities according to a heavily refined management strategy.

Recognizing that the global market affords many potential high value business relationships, the Company is aggressively pursuing international co-production capabilities in emerging markets like the PRC, India and Pacific Rim countries (as well as Europe and other well known film industry nodes), while still maintaining the cachet of the NY base as a primary target for international filmmakers.

Affinity’s strategy also calls for developing tightly integrated relationships with ‘indie’ departments of major studios, while developing intellectual property that has a unique look and feel – due to the glut of media in the pipeline. Affinity has chosen to pursue distinctive marketing campaigns conjoined with films featuring new and interesting or alternative themes which still afford widespread marketability.

Ongoing negotiations with key companies in relevant areas of production, sales and distribution reflect an ambitious acquisition mindset. The Company is also actively pursuing cultivation of relationships with influential and highly skilled film producers; seeking investment to combine with federal tax credits in the traditional US/Canada markets (also abroad, esp. Europe); and seeking support from major foreign buyers to help grow the distribution footprint.

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