American Power is a high dynamic range coal explorer/developer/producer with a strategy that focuses on acquiring near-term/large scale coal projects with efficient logistical characteristics.

The World Coal Institute detailed in 2010 that globally, coal represented 26.5% of all primary energy consumption and as much as 41.5% of all electricity. The US market for coal alone is projected to grow 14.4% by 2035 (from 2008 figures), that’s 14.4 quadrillion Btu’s of coal.

The inescapable, swelling demand for coal in the US, China and India has an extremely solid footing and AMPW is primed to take full advantage as the Company’s 29k-acre Pace Coal Project in Montana’s Judith Basin County advances production output. Projected resource in-place estimates on the extant 30 core samples that were drilled indicate 172 to over 410 million tons of coal and the property has over 1.3M tons produced historically.

The Pace project is an attractive site due to the pro-mining attitude of the Montana government and excellent infrastructure, from having the main line of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), as well as power lines and pipelines running right through the property, to full highway access.

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