Bark Group is a US-based firm with a strong footprint in Europe that fuses advertising and media agency capabilities into an approach which cultivates traditional and digital media. This approach delivers fully integrated advertising/marketing that is aesthetically and logistically relevant.

BKPG is particularly adept at crafting sophisticated marketing campaigns designed via collaborative efforts with mind research firm Mindmetic, a behavioral research firm. Mindmetic specializes in leveraging empirically validated scientific knowledge of the (conscious and subconscious) human mind and its responses to stimuli to tailor dynamic yet highly targeted marketing.

The ability to offer superior, full spectrum marketing, and with a clearly defined battle plan for creating a robust global communications firm that unifies and integrates key aspects of its sector, BKPG stand ideally poised to reap the rewards of the Internet advertising market, which is quickly outpacing traditional media.

Combining advertising, media consulting and production, BKPG derives greater cost effectiveness for its clients, earning revenues from fees associated with its comprehensive services and capacity to deliver results.

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