Budget Center maximizes the spectrum of offerings available to consumers (at every financial level) seeking travel and related services by leveraging an entire series of URL domains that all start with the key term “budget” (like the extremely promising budgethotels.com).

By developing the budget brand of domains, in conjunction with strategic relationships which harness the inventories of the biggest and most well-known websites, BDGN is able to focus on dominating the online travel budget space without incurring the costs of such inventories.

The idea of saving money on travel is as old as civilization itself and BDGN is looking to become the top name in meeting online demand, driving traffic into the budget network with:

• Best-practice SEO (search engine optimization) on all sites
• Concerted Search Engine Marketing initiatives
• Mandate that online advertising be Cost per Acquisition/Click driven
• Massive roll-out of targeted e-mail marketing campaign

With an overarching drive to develop a merchant model for all travel products, and a solid commitment to building the budget brand, BDGN is uniquely positioned to generate consistent revenues by tapping into the global market of savvy travelers.

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