EcoBlu is focused on providing a whole home system of value added fire, mold, wood rot and insect protection of all wood components for homebuilders, remodelers and homeowners. The family of EcoBlu products includes dimensional lumber, joists, beams, rim board, sheathing and trim, all of which are manufactured and coated in the company’s California and Texas facilities.

Non-wood products are environmentally expensive and the supplies of ores and petroleum for their production are finite. Wood, on the other hand, is a renewable resource. Additionally, non-wood products require far more energy to manufacture than wood: for example – nine times as much for a steel stud as for a wood stud.

EcoBlu coatings are GreenSpec listed which makes it an environmentally sound building decision. This certification has helped the company become the choice of green builders around the world. EcoBlu products have been designed to deliver the winning edge to builders and the environment.

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