Halo Companies, Inc. is composed of twelve companies and over 100 employees assisting consumers in achieving their financial goals. The company understands the financial issues Americans are facing at a time, when for many, the American dream has become the American nightmare. The country of easy credit, rising home values, stable retirement investment accounts and 4.4 million jobs no longer exists.

Halo’s full suite of services provide assistance to consumers in times of financial distress. These services include mortgage loan modification, unsecured debt resolution, credit management. The company also offers mortgage lending, real estate representation, and insurance protection to help each consumer accomplish the dream of homeownership.

Halo Companies has carefully focused its growth on sustainable and productive relationships. Extensive research and development frame Halo’s consulting model, which is built on an algorithmic foundation that creates sustainable client relationships and authentic growth. The company’s innovative business strategy has gained recognition from Inc. Magazine, Comerica Bank’s Collin 60, and the SMU Cox School of Business Dallas 100.

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