Industrial NanoTech collaborates closely with some of the planet’s top scientists and laboratories standing on the frontline of the emergent field, nanotechnology.

Focusing on developing sustainable solutions for an eager global market, like its patented nanocomposite insulative coating, Nansulate®, INTK is strategically positioned to generate shareholder returns by leveraging nanotech applications within the “green” economy from its presence as:

• A member of the US Greenbuilding Council
• A member of the American Solar Energy Society
• An official ALLY member of the US DOE’s Save Energy Now Program

Nansulate coatings and epoxy systems can be easily painted or sprayed onto walls, pipes, and even industrial equipment like heat exchangers and steam boilers.

After curing, Nansulate (comprised of 70% proprietary nanoparticles and 30% resin/additives) offers superior thermal insulation and chemical/corrosion/fire resistance, while containing NSF (USDA) registered mold-resistant elements suitable for food processing/pharmaceutical facilities and lead sequestration elements, making it viable for environmental remediation use as well.

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