New Mexico Software is a leading developer of a wide variety of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant (HIPAA) telemedicine solutions designed to streamline management of the entire lifecycle of information in a secure, web-based environment.

Offering the capacity to seamlessly integrate unstructured medical data in a PAC-compatible environment (electronic picture archiving and communication systems for medical imaging), the Company’s products deliver comprehensive manipulation, storage, distribution, off-site website management and backup, utilizing easy forms and processes.

The XpressMedServices group of programs offers capabilities ranging from initial evaluation to billing and features a component architecture that can be used in a modular or inter-connected fashion, costing money only for what parts are actually used – a perfect cost-effective and readily deployable web-based medical services platform.

The XR-EXpress (XR-EX) system is another good example of the Company’s products, allowing medical professionals to easily examine high-res Dicom and other format digital files (CT scans, EKGs, Ultrasounds, X-Rays, etc.) online, rapidly accelerating diagnosis times.

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