NXT Nutritionals creates and markets healthy drinks and food items based on their incredible SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener which provides a completely safe and delicious alternative to unhealthy artificial chemical sweeteners. Because of the success of its products, the Company is aggressively positioning itself to exploit the growing demand for healthy and nutritious products, as well as a standalone sweetener that can help curb high blood sugar.

SUSTA is a proprietary formulation of non-caloric components which can help to offset higher glycemic indices (measurement of impact on blood sugar by a given food) associated with certain foods and beverages; SUSTA promotes balancing of high glycemic foods in a natural and safe way, putting an end to blood sugar volatility.

The company’s all natural yogurt smoothies contain over 1M probiotic bacteria, are fortified with 23 essential nutrients and proteins, and come in five mouthwatering flavors which contain 0.4 grams of plant sterol esters – each of which has proven cholesterol-lowering power. In addition, the products cultivate strong bones and teeth, improve the immune system, remediate and promote the health of the digestive tract, and provide a massive nutritional boost while helping to control weight and hunger pangs in a safe and natural way.

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