Octus Energy specializes in helping commercial and institutional building owners massively cut their energy costs by providing efficient lighting, HVAC, and energy automation solutions. The Company has quickly developed a strong reputation by channeling created savings into top-tier smart energy technologies like Wickool® – a passive evaporative cooling system exclusively licensed from the University of California.

OTCI is busy developing energy projects and has completed some 1,500 energy upgrades in cooperation with its partners. The Company also has a growing portfolio of energy management technologies, like the Octus Smart Energy Platform (OctusSEP). By affiliating closely with major energy institutions like the California Lighting Technology Center, and the Western Cooling Efficiency Center, OTCI has direct access to paths of product commercialization.

By aggressively seeking out opportunities to help asset managers balance energy use, and thus deriving statistically superior, risk-adjusted returns when compared to trying to obtain new assets or otherwise investing in upgrades, Octus Energy funds its activities via the increased liquidity afforded by utility incentives and third-party financing.

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