Remedent has developed a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly portfolio of products/concepts aimed at the dental industry and consumer space, ranging from innovative porcelain veneering and crowns/bridges, to whitening, sensitivity and oral hygiene. The Belgium-headquartered company has quickly become recognized for their offerings’ superiority and ease of use.
Offerings include:
• GlamSmile – a proprietarily fabricated veneer and single-motion placement tray married together with a proprietary virtual design and previewing suite of software, representing the pinnacle in ease of use and patient quality of life. Innovative tray system allows dentists to place ten ultra-thin, custom veneers in under an hour while maintaining tooth structure and reducing trauma to the patient markedly.

• FirstFit – patent-pending system for placement/creation of crowns and bridges which is much quicker and less traumatic for the patient, requiring no temporary placements, resulting in benefits to dentist and patient alike.

• Whitening products – products include Remewhite Formulation+ by GlamSmile, the first in-office power whitening gel and oxygen-induced whiteners sold through dentists for home use, like WHITE Boost and WHITE Finishing. These products feature a revolutionary tray system impregnated with gel that makes them very easy to use and prevents leaks.

• GlamSmile Beijing – consisting of a clinic and laboratory, which are respectively engaged in full-spectrum cosmetic dental procedures and veneer design/manufacture

• Smile Consultancy Concept – an efficient, primarily internet-based promotional venue tying together dedicated GlamSmile dentists and creating GlamSmile Studios to help consumers find solutions custom tailored to their needs.

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