Vicor Technologies, a biotechnology company, is focused on creating innovative non-invasive diagnostics employing its patented, proprietary point correlation dimension algorithm (PD2i®). The PD2i® nonlinear algorithm is a deterministic, nonlinear measure of electrophysiological potentials that predicts future pathological events with a high degree of accuracy in target populations.

Diagnostics that enable inexpensive, accurate, and early identification of disease in at-risk populations prior to costly treatments are garnering increased attention in the current healthcare debate. These populations are significant, representing 12 million at-risk cardiac patients, 23.7 million diabetics, and
38 million trauma incidents

Vicor is currently in the process of commercializing its first three products: PD2i-VS™ (Vital Sign), which quickly evaluates critically-injured soldiers and civilians to improve triage and survivability; PD2i-VS™, which identifies those at risk of sudden cardiac death within the following six months; and PD2i Analyzer™, which measures heartrate variability in patients at rest and in response to controlled exercise and paced respiration.

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