Vuzix Corp. is a pioneer in manufacturing video eyewear and personal display devices for the mobile video, entertainment, defense and commercial markets. For nearly fifteen years, the company has been developing advanced proprietary display technology for the military and industrial sectors, laying the foundation for its leadership position in the emerging consumer video eyewear market.

The company’s high-resolution video eyewear product line solves the main challenge in viewing video and digital information via portable and mobile devices – the small screen. Vuzix’ iWear® and Wrap® Video Eyewear are worn like regular glasses and provide the effect of a big screen experience, ranging from 44” to 67”, as seen from 10 feet.

In addition to consumer applications, Vuzix’s products also find use in defense and medical applications. Annually, the company provides tens of thousands of its display systems to the military and partner companies for night vision, among other uses. In the medical field, Vuzix is partnering with companies to target dental patient distraction, dental surgery, 3D surgery, and low-vision assistance markets.

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