China Wi-Max Communications is a developing world-class telecommunications broadband provider and IP transport firm which began in 2006 with the idea of applying proprietary technology, an optical fiber infrastructure, and the Company’s exclusive access to WiMAX spectrum in major Chinese cities in order to exploit the massive demand in China for broadband.

With a network of strategic partners and offices in both Denver (HQ) and Beijing, the Company has its sights set on becoming a premier broadband technology provider for commercial and wholesale customers in the Chinese market, and also leveraging that network footprint to provide international connections to the fiber and wireless architecture within China.

China Wi-Max has achieved critical licensing for large blocks of 5.8GHz wireless spectrum in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and has plans to extend into ten other major markets from Dalian, to Chongqing and Guangzhou – which will allow the Company to provide broadband anywhere within 10 miles of its actual fiber via a wireless receiver at the target building.

With a current clientele serviced by high-speed connections, and plans to offer other high-value services like VPN, VoIP, IP TV, video conferencing, SaS, cloud storage, and other in-demand products like redundant connections for banks and institutional clients, China Wi-Max is ideally positioned to capitalize on an under-served market experiencing unprecedented growth and demand.

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