Established in 2001, Defense Solutions is an international project management, executive consulting, and business development firm headquartered in Exton, PA with branch and satellite offices on four continents. Defense Solutions is dedicated to delivering the world’s best solutions for service members who demand the best equipment, technology, and training, in performing their jobs with minimal risk to their lives and well being.

Defense Solutions has consulted with and worked for US Federal and State departments and agencies including, the White House, US Department of Defense, US Department of the Army, US Department of State, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Interior, and Pennsylvania General Assembly to devise and implement strategies supporting armed forces and civilian programs. In direct support of U.S.-led coalition efforts in Iraq, Defense Solutions has worked for international allied organizations like the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Defense Solutions’ European office maintains exclusive agreements with the Hungarian Ministry of Defense and Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to deliver several world class technologies and capabilities to U.S. and allied nations. The company’s primary offerings include new production and retrofit of armored and combat vehicles, spare parts, and ammunition, supported by end-to-end integrated logistics, training, and maintenance solutions.

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