Bergamo Acquisition Corp. is focused on a number of very important projects in Pakistan. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Bergamo E&A Corp, has signed two Memorandum of Understandings for energy projects in Pakistan, furthering Bergamo’s entry into the energy sector. Bergamo also has an apparel division that has been active since July of 1997.

The rapidly growing overseas demand for energy is driving a new wave of growth and profitability for American alternative energy companies. Bergamo has analyzed and responded to this growing market with the creation of Bergamo Energy Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bergamo Acquisition Corp. This subsidiary’s vision is to explore and find any and all opportunities associated with all energy sources that no longer include fossil fuels.

Bergamo Acquisition Corp. has been approach by the government of Pakistan to build and maintain a 500 Megawatt solar facility. This is the first of a potentially expandable order up to 4,000 Megawatts. The power sharing agreement is a 20-year agreement between the government of Pakistan and Bergamo energy Inc.

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