Clearly Canadian is focused on marketing its premium alternative beverages, which are distributed in the United States, Canada, as well as other countries. The company’s acquisition of DMR Food Corporation and My Organic Baby Inc. has extended its reach to the organic and natural products market with a full line of organic baby and toddler foods under the brand names My Organic Baby and My Organic Toddler as well as a wide range of dried fruit and nut snacks offerings.

Clearly Canadian has earned a reputation for its innovative sparkling water and packaging. The year 2006 has been hailed The Renaissance of Clearly Canadian. With an extensive re-launch of its core brand of sparkling flavored waters, greater distribution, exciting new products, a humanitarian partnership with the Global Water initiative and a strong new management team, Clearly Canadian has positioned itself to re-establish a strong position within the Alternative Beverage market.

Company President David Reingold is a notable leader in the health food industry with extensive experience in product development throughout Canada. Mr. Reingold founded DMR Food Corporation – a top seller of organic and natural snack foods in Eastern Canada - and has been credited for some of the leading brands in this growing category. His years of service within the Canadian health food industry have been highlighted by numerous product, service and supplier awards.

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