Save the World Air, Inc. (STWA) is a pioneer in the clean technology industry focused on energy efficiency and air quality issues. The company’s patented and patent pending technologies, including the innovative ELEKTRA under development with Temple University, provide a highly affordable and effective means of meeting the world’s increasing emission quality standards, boosting fuel efficiency and improving vehicle performance.

The Company continues to actively develop and finalize variants of the ELEKTRA and ZEFS (Zero Emissions Fuel Systems, ECO ChargR, and MagChargR) devices for use on carbureted, throttle body and multi-port fuel injection and diesel engine systems. In certified laboratory testing, STWA’s technologies have reduced air pollution in combustion engines by as much as 56% below Euro 3 standards (reducing greenhouse gases like NOX by as much as 65%), improved overall power by as much as 19%, and enhanced fuel efficiency.

STWA’s operational strategy is predicated on the further research and development, marketing and distribution of the ELEKTRA and ZEFS product lines. To further its efforts, the company has engaged an East Coast based business-consulting firm to assist with marketing services. The agreement initially targets 5 accounts that represent over 41,000 trucks, covering one of North America’s largest employee unions, with nearly 1,900 affiliates and 1.4 million members throughout the U.S., Canada and PuertoRico.

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