Sunergy, Inc. is a production oriented junior mining company focused on the evaluation, acquisition, exploration, planned operation and advancement of gold/silver/diamond development. The company controls 100% of the 150 SQ. Km. Nyinahin mining concession with a full prospecting license. The concession is surrounded by several operating mines and is adjacent to Newmont Mining’s property.

The Ofin River flows through the eastern portion of the concession and there are numerous artisan pits ready for testing and evaluation for near term production. The Ofin River is known for good alluvial gold production. Artisans usually recover about 30% of the available gold through primitive hand methods, leaving 60-70% to be recovered by modern mechanical operations.

A preliminary survey by Geodita Resources LTD, Ghana indicates that the Nyinahin Concession has significant potential for lode gold mineralization and for recovery of alluvial gold. There are 3 major anomalous zones: Owusbukurom anomaly in the center Ntoboroso anomaly in the southeast and the Krakyekurom anomaly in the southwest; and 4 known mineralized trends: Baaneekurom-Nyinahin, Ntoboroso, Owusukurom-Adupiri and Krakyekurom-Adupiri.

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