Headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Vital Products, Inc. is a distributor of industrial packaging products. The Company plans to identify and invest in emerging market segments in the industrial packaging sector. They also research and develop products they can patent and license in the environmentally sustainable packaging markets.

Founded in 2004, Vital Products operates in two market segments: industrial packaging distribution and manufacturing. These two segments will feed their distribution, while they set up new manufacturing units to produce new environmentally appropriate products. Vital Products Inc. has more than 4,000 stocked products. These products cover virtually every wrapping, packing, or shipping need their customers may have. They also provide custom sized and printed products for special applications.

The Company is developing various products. Biofill is biobased foam in place packaging material used as cushioning in electronic, giftware, automotive, and machine parts. E-coplank is a biobased packaging foam plank used in fabrication of cushion packaging for high-end products currently in development. E-Foam is biobased flexible foam used in automotive components such as head rests, and Enviro-fill is loose fill packaging biobased foam used in void fill packaging in giftware and electronics markets.

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