Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Zaldiva Inc. is a specialty and online retailer of new and vintage Pop Culture collectibles, comic books, and memorabilia. They market their unique product line via their retail location in Fort Lauderdale and through their e-commerce website and portal www.Zaldiva.com. Their website works in conjunction with other websites they have, as well as with their auction house operations.

Zaldiva began selling comics and the collectibles associated with them online back in 2002. They purchased their retail location in 2004; however, they did not officially open it until November 24, 2006. This store stocks over 15,000 items. These include comic books, graphic novels, collector supplies, statues, and action figures. They also stock collectible dolls, t-shirts, framed art, die-cast vehicles, posters, models and non-sports trading cards. On top of all this they have a vintage and antiques section.

The Company’s services include discounted comic and magazine subscriptions, discounted toys/statues pre-orders, and lay-a-ways. They also offer gift cards, and they are a Comics Grading Services (CGC) Authorized Member Dealer. Zaldiva Inc. also provides a personal shopper service in-store.

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