FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Wall Street finished with important gains on Tuesday. The Dow Jones rose 1.09% and the Nasdaq gained 1.42%; stocks in the health sector lead the way up. Commodities are also posting gains.

U.S stocks managed to erase Friday's losses as Massachusetts election between Democrats and Republican spread hopes among investors that the costly healthcare reform bill will face trouble passing if Republican candidate wins today's Senator race in the State thus pushing Healthcare company's Shares to skyrocket, the ecPulse.com analysis team said.

Crude oil recovered and finished with gains in the US. The barrel fell to $77.05 reaching a 3-week low but then rebounded sharply and rose to $79.40. Gold is also up for the day. The yellow metal found support at $1,128 and rose to $1,140 but failed to break above.

Dollar is mostly up across the board. USD/JPY holds above 91.00; EUR/USD below 1.4300 and USD/CHF on top of 1.0300. The Pound is among the best performer of the day across the board. GBP/USD failed to hold above 1.6400 but the pair is above the price it had at the beginning of the day.