FX’s “The Strain” didn’t deliver any huge plot twists in Season 3, episode 8 which aired Sunday, but it did manage to develop Gus’ character a little more and progress the storyline. While episode 7 focused on Fet, episode 8 focused on Gus, Eichhorst and the new world Ancients (the strigois that Quinlan often communicates with).

Here’s what happened in episode 8 “White Light”:

Gus’ Past Revealed

While Gus (Miguel Gomez) took a wounded Angel (Joaquin Cosio) to the Palmer Freedom Center in order to patch up the wound he got during the Battle of Central Park, the strigoi hunter’s backstory was revealed. 

We learned in this “The Strain” Season 3 episode that Gus and his mother, who is now a strigoi, were beaten repeatedly by their father. After several incidents of abuse, his mother’s brothers stepped up and beat his father. After the beating, his uncles met him in the house and told him that he must grow up since he is now the man of the house. His father isn’t coming back. Now Gus must take care of his mother.

Back in the present, Gus returned home while Angel was being treated at the center. He heads out to get some supplies. During that time, Angel walks in sporting a sling, takes an aspirin and does the most unwise thing: he sleeps on the couch.

When he wakes up, the Silver Angel finds himself face-to-face with Gus’ strigoi mother. It’s a good thing Gus walks in that very moment and shoots a silver bullet in her head because she would most definitely have devoured his surrogate father.

Killing his mother was a very difficult task for Gus since he is full of guilt – He made the wrong choices in his life, he didn’t take care of her and he was the one who transported the Master from the airport to the city. Finally, he makes the wisest decision in his life – He decides to leave the city with Angel.

Eph And Dutch Hook Up

Meanwhile, at Fet’s (Kevin Durand) apartment, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather/Eph (Corey Stoll) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) are busy listening to the black box of the flight which carried the Master. However, what the pair didn’t anticipate was that the Master’s voice could be deadly. When the two hear the strigoi leader’s call to arms, Dutch collapses. When she wakes up, she vomits. Clearly the Master’s voice had a huge impact on Dutch.

A kind Eph brings some soup and tells Dutch he can’t find Zack (Max Charles) or the Master without her help. Then the two have sex together. Isn’t it a little odd that they are sleeping together in Dutch’s ex-boyfriend’s apartment? We can’t wait to see how Fet will react to Dutch’s new lover on “The Strain” Season 3!

Fet And Setrakian Met Palmer

Elsewhere, Fet and Setrakian (David Bradley) meet Eldritch Plamer (Johnathan Hyde) and procure information about the cargo that made its way from Egypt. The professor suspects that the cargo is the Ancients from the old world. If that’s true, they have more than the Master to worry about.

The Strain Setrakian and Fet discovered the human slaughterhouse funded by Palmer in “The Strain” Season 3, episode 8 “White Light.” Photo: Michael Gibson/FX

Palmer supplies information about the man who was in charge of the shipment – A man named Cyrus. The professor and the exterminator pay him a visit. They coerce him to show them where he put the cargo.

Cyrus leads them to a huge building (the same one that Fet once bombed). While being led to the cargo, Setrakian and Fet come across the human slaughterhouse that Thomas Eichhorst (Richard Sammel) supervised and which Palmer’s Stoneheart organization funded. Setrakian and Fet are furious. But they must see the cargo first.

Unfortunately, just when Cyrus shows them the place they kept the cargo on “The Strain” Season 3, Eichhorst and his new minion Sanjay Desai (Cas Anvar) drive away with the cargo in a van.

The Ancients Die

“The Strain” Season 3, episode 8 also saw Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) ask the Ancients of the new world to fight for their survival. See, if the Master has got the Ancients of the old world in New York, it is only a matter of time before they kill the Ancients of the new world.

Quinlan informs them about the Master’s. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Eichhorst, Kelly (Natalie Brown) and their strigoi army follow the hunters – the strigois who kill humans and offer it to the Ancients as food – and find out the location of the Ancients. Quinlan, the hunters and the Ancients battle the strigoi army. A devious Eichhorst leaves a briefcase which is actually a bomb and leaves the location of the battle.

The Nazi lap dog presses a button and the briefcase explodes. Fortunately, the Born exited the facility just when Eichhorst pressed the trigger.

“The Strain” Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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